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51 Samuel was run over by a team of horses hitched to a grain binder. This happened in the farmyard in full view of his son David who was then 16 years old. Samuel Bowman ran in front of the startled team thinking he could grab the reins and get them stopped. Bowman, Samuel M. ...[Eby 542] (I17490)
52 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Taylor, Todd Robert (I75437)
53 Under Hannah's entry in the Ebybook [6931], it states that she was married to David WISMER "a sawmiller", and that they live in Plattsville. Under David Witmer's entry in the Ebybook [8337], it states that he is a "sawyer" and married to Hannah Shantz and that they resided in Plattsville. I believe it is possible that Hannah married David Witmer not David Wismer. A number of children are listed under Hannah - they can be added when it is verified whether the family name is Wismer or Witmer. Shantz, Hannah ...[Eby 6931] (I50656)
54 Worked as a homemaker and in the nursing field. Lived all her life in the Hastings Area. Reuter, Rosella Catherine (I116301)
55 "Anna" was the only daughter of Joseph H. Bauman and his first wife Anna Shantz. Ezra Eby gives this childs name as Anna. The Bauman Family History gives this daughter's name as Lydia. Both sources give the same birth and death dates for this daughter of Joseph and Anna (Shantz) Bauman. Bauman, Anna ...[Eby 147] (I13332)
56 "As for Elgin Eby. My best recall is that his one parent (not sure if it washis father or his mother) died in 1918 of the Spanish Flu. The secondparent died a few years later. Elgin, and his sister Candice (who latermarried Archie Stauffer) were raised for a few years by my grandparents,Daniel and Angeline. My best recall is that Elgin and Candice's father was
Hiram Eby." Ken Eby 
Eby, Hiram ...[Eby 2625] (I73481)
57 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bowering, George Harry (I6381)
58 "Carl settled in Maryland, near Baltimore, where he resided for some years. When pretty well advanced in years he, with his family, moved near Rochester, New York, where he died, leaving a large family whose children are now pretty much scattered throughout New York State in the vicinity of Buffalo, while others are residing in Michigan."
Source: [S70] Vol II: A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other townships of the county : being a history of the early settlers and their descendants, mostly all of Pennsylvania Dutch origin..., Ezra Eby, 648.
Note by J. Scott Campbell (March 2007). It would appear that the above statement is not correct. From research I have done, it would seem that Carl P. Wing moved to Pittsford, Monroe County, NY very shortly after the family's arrival into the United States in 1829. Barbara Wing (Huber), Carl's wife, died in 1836 and their son , Freddie (George Friederich Wing) died in 1831 and was also buried in the Oakwood Cemetery at Penfield. This would suggest that the family came to this area of New York State about 1830. 
Wing, Carl ...[Eby Pre-8125] (I23178)
59 "Dumfries Reformer Newspaper, Marriages, 09 Jan 1868Clemens, Isabella to Levi Hagey on 31 Dec 1867, Preston, by Rev. Mr. Worcester [Wurster]. Bride, elder daughter of Joel Clemens; both of Waterloo". Family F17050
60 "Elizabeth Brewer of the township of Clinton, spinster, daughter of the late William, saith that she hath been seduced by one Joseph Grobb of Clinton aforesaid in said District of Niagara, yeoman, by whom she is now pregnant and that her ...(text omitted)...need Joseph Grobb is really and truly the father of the child which she is now pregnant as aforesaid. Signed Elizabeth X Brewer, 15th day of November 1839" Family F78470
61 "Fritz" may have been born July 31, 1918. Otto, Ralph Frederich "Fritz" (I125605)
62 "My great uncle, Aaron, is one and the same who married Lydia Shantz.... records of the Mannheim Mennonite Church cemetery shows that Aarondied at age 83 in 1957. The tombstone records his wife's name as LydiaShantz. I don't know whether he had a second wife named Lydia. I alsodon't recall that Aaron had any children. I do recall that my great uncle,Aaron, came to visit us on the farm when I was under age 5 or 6. He alwaysbrought white mint candies and offered them to us children, if we had thenerve to ask. I never had the courage to request a candy, but would ask my
aunt, Ellen, to ask on my behalf." Ken Eby 
Eby, Aaron ...[Eby 2627] (I6993)
63 "The Schiedel Book", source of much of the information on the family of Abraham & Mary Ann (Zeller) Weaver doesn't list Alberta as a daughter of the family. That information comes from Mary Ann's obituary in the Gospel Herald. No dates are available for Alberta. Weaver, Alberta (I30246)
64 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Sage, Ashley Alyssa (I202194)
65 "You'll be flying along some nights with a full moon. You're up at 45,000 feet. Up there you can see it like you can't see it down here. It's just the big, bright, clear moon. You look up there and just say to yourself: I've got to get up there. I've just got to get one of those flights."-Roger Chaffee (The New York Times, January 29, 1967, p. 48.)

"Problems look mighty small from 150 miles up."
Roger B. Chaffee quote

January 27, 1967, Cape Kennedy, Florida ... It was a seemingly typical Friday at Cape Kennedy. The mild winter winds blew softly and carried a whisper of the activity on Pad 34.
Cradled in its gantry was a powerful Saturn I-B rocket, unfueled, but waiting... waiting for the countdown of a simulated launch. In just eighteen days this mighty giant was expected to soar from its pad into the mysterious realms of outer space; the first manned flight of the project known as Apollo. Eventual destination -- the moon.
Perched atop the twenty -two story rocket was a comparatively small white capsule bearing a colorful painting of the American flag, the words "United States" stencilled clearly just above it.
Inside the capsule, preparing for the simulated liftoff were three men, the prime crew of Apollo 204, courageous and proud in their roles.
The test began at 1:00 p.m. EST with the entry of the silvery suited spacemen into the cabin. At 2:50 p.m., the hatch was closed and sealed, and the cabin filled with oxygen. The men relaxed in individual contour couches and they, too, waited.
The test had already been delayed due to a malfunction of the oxygen and communications systems, and outside the command module, 220 feet off the ground, technicians doggedly worked, monitoring test equipment and making last minute adjustments.
Adjacent to the launch pad, 1,000 feet away, was the blockhouse where other technicians and NASA officials were gathered to view the happenings over a closed circuit telemetry monitor.
"T minus 10," a voice boomed out from the concrete structure, indicating the wait was nearly over and the simulated takeoff close at hand.

Now, 6: 31 p.m. EST -- a brilliant white flash!
"Fire in the spacecraft!" cried a voice from within the capsule.

The television monitors and all communications went dead.
Dense smoke poured from the hatch as workmen rushed up the 25O-foot steel gantry in a high speed elevator in an attempt to save the astronauts. Twenty-seven men were overcome by the bitter black smoke and intense heat, and it took nearly five endless minutes to pry open the charred metal door of the cabin ... Too late...
Americans were stunned by the loss of their heroes, Virgil Grissom, Edward White II, and Roger B. Chaffee. The nation, and indeed the world, mourned.
Since that tragedy on the launch pad, countless pages have been written eulogizing the three comrades and speculating as to the cause of the fire. A board comprised of highly qualified experts, after weeks of intensive investigation, revealed that a single electrical spark is thought to have touched off the burst of flame. The exact cause may never be known.
Roger, Gus Grissom, and Ed White knew and accepted the dangers of their chosen life. They were pioneers of space, and the universe was waiting to be conquered.
"If we die, we want people to accept it. We are in a risky business and we hope that if anything happens to us, it will not delay the program. The conquest of space is worth it."
These words were spoken by Lieut. Commander Grissom, but their meaning was shared by each of the astronauts.
From Reynolds-Lake Website http://www.reynolds-lake.com/

Biographical Data National Aeronautics and Space Administration Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas 77058

NASA ASTRONAUT (DECEASED)PERSONAL DATA: Born February 15, 1935 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Died January 27, 1967, at NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida, in the Apollo spacecraft fire. He is survived by his wife Martha and two children.EDUCATION: Chaffee graduated from Central High School, Grand Rapids, Michigan. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Purdue University in 1957.ORGANIZATIONS: Member, Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Society, Sigma Gamma Tau, and Phi Kappa Sigma.AWARDS: Posthumously awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.SPECIAL HONORS: Awarded the United States Navy Air Medal.EXPERIENCE: Chaffee, a United States Navy Lieutenant Commander, entered the Navy in 1957.He served as safety officer and quality control officer for Heavy Photographic Squadron 62 at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida.In January 1963, he entered the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, to work on a Master of Science Degree in Reliability Engineering.He logged more than 2,300 hours flying time, including more than 2,000 hours in jet aircraft.NASA EXPERIENCE: Chaffee was one of the third group of astronauts selected by NASA in October 1963. In addition to participating in the overall training program, he was also tasked with working on flight control communications systems, instrumentation systems, and attitude and translation control systems in the Apollo Branch of the Astronaut office. On March 21, 1966, he was selected as one of the pilots for the AS-204 mission, the first 3-man Apollo flight.Lieutenant Commander Chaffee died on January 27, 1967, in the Apollo spacecraft flash fire during a launch pad test at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

See Also. . C. Donald Chrysler, On Course To The Stars: The Roger B. Chaffee Story (Grand Rapids: Kregal Publications, 1968), p. 15. 
Chaffee, Lt. Cmdr. Roger Bruce (I87038)
66 #003575-75 (Huron Co): Aaron W. PANABAKER, 23, carpenter, Waterloo Ontario, Ethel Grey, s/o David PANABAKER and (mother deceased) married Annie Elizabeth PATTON, 21, New Jersey U.S., Ethel Grey, d/o William PATTON & Rebecca KEYS. Wit: John DUNBAR and Kenny WARNER, both of Ethel. October 6, 1875 at Ethel Grey Twp. Family F72147
67 #004962-74 (Lincoln Co) Jacob GAYMAN 21, farmer, Ontario, Pickering Ont., s/o Christian GAYMAN & Susan KINSLEY, married Katherine McDOWELL 20, Clinton twp., same, d/o James McDOWELL & Magdalina MOYER, wit: John M. HOUSSER of Clinton twp. & Christopher GAYMAN of Pickering, 6 Oct 1874, at Beamsville, (Mennonite) Family F55852
68 #006623-99 (Grey Co.) Peter SCHNEIDER, 33, b. Mornington Twp, of same, Farmer, s/o Seebat & Rosetta SCHNEIDER, married Laura HELLWIG, 27, b. Carrick Twp, of same, Farmer's daughter, d/o Ernest & Lena HELLWIG, witnesses: Carl HELLWIG & Lea HELLWIG, both of Carrick Twp, on 28 December 1898 at Neustadt Family F62505
69 #006710-85 Lincoln Co) David H. MAYER (Moyer?), 42, labourer, Clinton Twp Ont, same, widower, s/o Samuel B. & Magdeline MAYER, married Mary W. HOUSSER, 39, South Cayuga Ont, Clinton Twp Ont, d/o Samuel & Nancy HOUSSER, witn: Joseph & Annie MAYER, both of Clinton Twp Ont, 25 Oct 1885 at Clinton Twp Lincoln Co Ont Family F10010
70 #007202-88 - Daniel BRETZ, 37, yeoman, Waterloo Co., Ryde Twp., b, s/o Jacob & Susanna BRETZ, married Julia JOHNSON, 20, Osa Twp., Ryde Twp., s, d/o Andrew & Hannah JOHNSON. Wtn.- Edward & Eva CLEMENT both of Ryde. 11 January 1888 at Ryde Family F523
71 #008830-96 (Norfolk Co): Alton Millross SHUPE, 27, farmer, Ontario, Mount Pleasant - Brant Co., s/o Isaac & Hannah, married Christena MASTERS, 18, Ontario, Brantford, d/o John & Ellen Jane, witn: Hattie A. & James MURDOCH of Waterford, 14 Oct 1896 at Waterford Family F69725
72 #009281-75 Peter COBER, 22, Puslinch Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o Nicholas & Nancy COBER, married Mary STEINACKER, 15, Wilmot Twp, same, s, d/o Peter & Margaret STEINACKER, witn; Mary CONNER, Giddy Ann ERB, both North Dumfries twp, married 28 September 1875, Waterloo twp (Mennonite) Family F41133
73 #009282-75 Josiah HALLMAN, 22, Wilmot twp, same, b, farmer, s/o Samuel & Mary HALLMAN, married Katy Ann CASSEL, 21, Wilmot twp, same, s, d/o Jesse B. & Maria CASSEL, witn; Angus McNALLY, Mary Ann McNALLY, both Waterloo Twp, married 13 October 1875, Waterloo Twp (United Brethren in Christ)

Whether Josiah and Catharine had 2 children, Alice and Alvin, cannot be ascertained. Some sources list only Alvin while others list only Alice. They are given the same birth date, so possibly they are twins. More research needed. 
Family F6314
74 #009285-75 Moses B. SHANTZ, 23, Waterloo Twp, same, b, book keeper, s/o Jacob & Barbara SHANTZ, married Veronica BINGEMAN, 19, Waterloo Twp, same, s, d/o Jonas & Elizabeth BINGEMAN, witn Levi SHANTZ of Wilmot Twp, Catharine BINGEMAN of Waterloo Twp, married 7 December 1875, Waterloo Twp (Mennonite) Family F17149
75 #009288-75 Moses WEBER, 21, Waterloo Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o Abraham & Judith WEBER, married Esther BRUBACHER, 20, Waterloo Twp, same, s, d/o Henry & Mary BRUBACHER, witn; Henry B. HAGEN, Noah SCHUNCH, both Waterloo Twp, married 21 March 1875, Waterloo Twp (Mennonite)

(I wonder if witnesses are Henry B. Hagey & Noah Schurch) 
Family F6251
76 #009289-75 John COBER, 24, Puslinch Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o Jacob & Mary COBER, married Sarah GROH, 22, Puslinch Twp, Waterloo Twp, s, d/o Jacob & Margaret GROH, witn David WITMER, Hester WITMER, both Waterloo Twp, married 28 December 1875, Waterloo Twp Family F26826
77 #009290-75 David WITMER, 26, Waterloo Twp, same, b, mechanic, s/o Jacob & Nancy WITMER, married Hester GROH, 19, Waterloo Twp, same, s, d/o Jacob & Margaret GROH, witn John COBER, Sarah COBER, both Waterloo Twp, married 28 December 1875, Waterloo Twp (Mennonite) Family F14607
78 #009291-75 Amos SAUDER, 22, Waterloo Twp, same, farmer, s/o William & Maria SAUDER, married Sophana EATON, 20, Waterloo Twp, same, d/o Anson & Sushanah EATON, witn Jeremiah SAUDER, Priscilla CLEMENS, both Waterloo Twp, married 29 December 1875, Waterloo Twp Family F14597
79 #009777-73 (Waterloo Co) : John BROX, 24, carpenter, Canada, Elmira, s/o Jacob & Catherine, married Elizabeth GIMBER?, 22, Canada, Elmira, d/o Henry & Eva, witn: Ida TUERK & Susan ROTHERWEL, both of Berlin, 17 Nov 1874 at Berlin Family F41155
80 #010785-75 Jacob REAMAN, 23, Vaughan, same, b, clergyman, s/o Daniel & Mary, married Emma Catherine WHITE, 21, Vaughan, same, s, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn Hiram WHITE, Margaret REAMAN, both Vaughan, married 10 November 1874, Vaughan Family F56157
81 #010817-79 (Waterloo Co): Levi STAUFFER, 25, farmer, Blenheim, same, s/o John & Lucinda, married Nancy SHANTZ, 21, Waterloo twp., same, d/o John & Susanna, witn: Oliver SHANTZ of Berlin & Lucinda STAUFFER of Breslau, 24 Dec 1879 at Freeport Family F16486
82 #011062-74 Peter GEIGER, 39, Wilmot Twp, Dumfries Twp, widower, minister, s/o David GEIGER & Barbara STEINACHER, married Anna CONNER, 44, Markham, same, widow, d/o David BYER & Anna DOHNER (aka DONER), witn Joseph RAMER, Mary RAMER, both Markham, married 6 October 1874, Residence of the Bride, Markham twp (both Mennonite) Family F54764
83 #011338-79 (Wellington Co): Thomas William GINGRICH, 25, carpenter, Canada, Hespeler, s/o John & Celia, married Mary Maude BOLDEN, 22, Canada, Hespeler, d/o Edward & Elizabeth, witn: Esther DIXON & Madge McKAY, both of Guelph, 9 June 1879 at Guelph Family F20962
84 #011688-12 David CLEMENT, 29, Draper Twp, Ryde Twp, s/o Waldren CLEMENT, farmer & Rachel JOHNSTON, married Sarah BRETZ, 20, Waterloo Twp, Ryde Twp, d/o Daniel BRETZ, dead & Julie JOHNSTON, witn: Julie JOHNSON & W.M. CAMPBELL, both of Gravenhurst, 27 Dec 1912, at Gravenhurst Family F26551
85 #011723-84 (Waterloo Co): John H. ERB, 22, farmer, Michigan, Wilmot, s/o Isaac ERB & Hannah KENSY, married Lucinda GEIGER, 20, Hay, North Dumfries, d/o David GEIGER & Mary A. WINTER, witn: K.M. THOMSON & Jeanie M. WILSON, both of Ayr, 5 March 1884 at Ayr (Mennonite) Family F61055
86 #011772-86 (Waterloo Co): Samuel SCHELLY, 28, laborer, Waterloo, same, s/o Amos & Salome, married Christena SEEFELDT, 28, Korgenhagen Prussia, St. Jacobs, d/o Carl & Wilhelmina, witn: Carl & Wilhelmina SEEFELDT of St. Jacobs, 28 Nov 1886 at St. Jacobs Family F21422
87 #011776-86 (Waterloo Co): Andrew FREEMAN, 24, farmer, Woolwich, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Lydia BANNON*, 19, Woolwich, same, d/o Henry & Barbara, witn: Henry & Levi BANNON* of Woolwich, 19 Dec 1886 at Woolwich (Mennonite)
* Should be Bowman. 
Family F4122
88 #011777-86 (Waterloo Co): Amos GINGRICH, 26, farmer, Woolwich, same, s/o Moses & Susanna, married Esther EBY, 22, Woolwich, Peel twp., d/o Martin & Mary, witn: David MARTIN & Moses GINGRICH, both of Woolwich, 21 Dec 1886 at Woolwich (Mennonite) Family F4476
89 #011854-86 (Waterloo Co): Noah SANDER (or Sauder), 22, farmer, Canada, Waterloo, s/o Peter & Mary, married Pearlina MENZY, 20, Canada, Berlin, d/o Charles & Louisa, witn: Christian MENZY of Berlin & Lizzie HIGHLINE of Woolwich, 13 April 1886 at Berlin Family F5490
90 #011860-86 (Waterloo Co): Henry MELITZER, 22, farmer, Canada, Elmira, s/o Henry & Mary, married Alice N. FEAR, 25, Canada, Elmira, d/o Joseph & Susanna, witn: John BOWMAN & Hannah HOWLTZE, both of Elmira, 18 Nov 1885 at Berlin Family F59645
91 #011973-84 (Waterloo Co): Albert KAUFMAN, 23, woolen manufacturer, Canada, Plattsville - Blenheim twp., s/o Allen & Hannah, married Nancy BECHTEL, 21, Wilmot twp., same, d/o Rudolph & Magdalena, witn: Andreas KAUFMAN & Elizabeth LEATHORN, both of Wilmot, 30 Jan 1884 at Wilmot twp Family F21576
92 #011975-84 (Waterloo Co): James BATTLER, 24, farmer, Wilmot twp., same, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Mary SARARAS, 26, Waterloo twp., same, d/o David & Ellen, witn: Almon LEWIS & Caroline SARARAS, both of Waterloo twp., 7 Feb 1884 at Wilmot twp Family F21584
93 #012168-84 (Waterloo Co): Benjamin TAYLOR, 25, laborer, Garafraxa twp., Humberstone twp., s/o Jacob & Mary, married Rachel HECKADON, 43, widow, Humberstone twp., same, d/o Christian & Catherine SHERK, witn: William & Annie HECKADON, both of Humberstone, 17 April 1884 at Humberstone Family F75924
94 #012417-95 (Waterloo Co): Adam UFFELMAN, 24, clerk, Waterloo, same, s/o Peter & Anna, married Maria MUSSER, 23, Elmira, same, d/o Isaac & Catherine, witn: Nilhiah MARTIN of Berlin & Emma MUSSER of Elmira, 12 June 1895 at Elmira (Lutheran) Family F66019
95 #013 927 - 1893
Charles PIPHER, 27, farmer of Markham, born Markham and Fanny CALHOUN, 21, of Markham, born Breckon were married 15 March 1893, Stouffville. Witnesses: Moses Johnson and Ann Eliza Johnson. Groom's Parents: John and Dorothy Pipher. Bride's Parents: George and Margaret Ann Calhoun. 
Family F75567
96 #013014-95 Isaac SNYDER, 34, carpenter, Waterloo Co, Hespeler, s/o Moses SNYDER & Elizabeth WEST--?(off page), married Malinda WEBER, 19, Harriston, same, d/o George WEBER & Sarah SHEFLEY, witn: George WEBER & Anabella EPKERTON, both of Ha--?(off page), 24 of Apr 189(off page), at Harriston Family F17026
97 #013566-89 (York Co) Joshua S. LEHMAN, 25, farmer, Uxbridge, Markham, s/o David B. LEHMAN & Elizabeth SNIDER, married Sarah Jane FARMER, 20, Markham,Whitchurch, d/o Thomas FARMER & Catharine DONER, witn - Aron SHEFFER of Gormley, Priscilla LYONS of Victoria Square, married 6 November 1889 at Markham (Tunkers) Family F55850
98 #013845-94 (York Co) Lewis Albert BROWNSBERGER, 33, Whitchurch, Ringwood, labourer, s/o Benjamin BROWNSBERGER & Mary DAVIS, married Edith ROBINSON, 21, Pickering, same, d/o Peter ROBINSON & Sarah PETTY, witn: Albert W. & Minnie M. CLENDENEN, both Markham, 27 June 1894, Markham Family F70868
99 #014417-99 James Albert BAKER, 29, Co York, Nottawasaga Twp., b, farmer, s/o Josephus BAKER & Mary KLINCK, married Mary Helen SMITH, 24, Nottawasaga Twp., same, s, d/o John SMITH & Sarah Ann GORDON, witn Samuel G. SMITH, Tina BAKER, both Nottawasaga Twp., married 18 October 1899, Nottawasaga Twp. Family F75402
100 #014677-1898 (Waterloo Co): Moses M BECHTEL, 42, widower, carpenter, Waterloo Tp Ont, Hespeler Ont, s/o Sara MILLER & Joseph B. BECHTEL, married Catharine F. KLEIN, 22, Waterloo Tp Ont, Hespeler Ont, d/o Rosina THOMASING & Mathias KLEIN; wit: William STRAUB, Magdalen KLEIN, Waterloo Tp. 25 Oct 1898 at Galt Family F27815

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